italian manufacturing tradition

In the heart of Milan and steps from Porta Venezia, where the city’s history meets a culture of manufacturing excellence, Cravattificio Granata stands as a hallmark of Italy’s proud sartorial tradition.

The quality of our fabrics, the originality of our designs and the elegance of our products are the traits that make Cravattificio Granata synonymous with high standards of quality.

Ties, scarves and accessories

Cravattificio Granata offers a large selection of products: neckties, ascots, pocket squares, cummerbunds, bow ties and scarves. We feature garments in a variety of materials, for both everyday use and for ceremonies or special events.

All of our products are strictly made in Italy with top quality fabrics. The Granata brand tells a tale of Italian sartorial mastery: our know-how and experience allow us to create high end articles that adhere to our customers’ instructions and never fail to meet their expectations.