our story

Cravattificio Granata was established in 1968 as a one-man business, specializing in the production of ties and accessories made from pure silk and other fine fabrics, for both retail and wholesale.

It has since grown and evolved to meet the demands of large-scale retailers, as well as of the domestic and international markets. It has been operating in its present location since 1982.

All phases of marketing and sales, order processing and shipping are handled internally, while production is outsourced to specialized local workshops.
We’re equipped to satisfy the requests of different types of customers, from small boutiques to large department store chains, or even businesses interested in promotional/marketing campaigns. Our pattern book comprises exclusively Italian fabrics.

Over time, we’ve acquired extensive experience in creating personalised ties with custom designs.
In addition to the standard Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer collections, we’re capable of fulfilling any special requests in a short amount of time.